First date conversation

Have you ever been stuck for words on your first date? Try and remember a couple of these below to help…

First date conversation

First date conversation

Greet them first with a friendly smile. Asking how are you? Can bring an immediate response. We can then start the conversation on various interesting topics like
Climate and weather are ultimate starters for any conversation.

Current news, people might be interested in knowing something new which they haven’t read on that day.

Interests, yet another ice breaker, you can move to new topics and after some time casually ask about their interest.

Talk about the latest fashion or music if you are a guy who is talking to a girl. All girls like know more about latest fashion around them. If you are a girl trying to catch some chat with a guy then a perfect ice breaker could be about sports.

Food is another topic to start a conversation instantly. Ask about their favourite food, and once you get to know their favourite food, you can even ask about the favourite restaurant and the specialty in there if you know some good restaurant or some nice recipes.

Visual clues. You might find something attractive in them say the necklace, watch, gadget or even the bags they have. People love to talk about their accessories and it will break the ice between both.

Remember to listen as well as chat as this will keep the flow of conversation going well and keep you reading from the same book.

Do you have any funny experiences or tips that you can share?

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  1. I went on a first date and the boys mum came too. Any tips on this? it didn’t go very well

    Comment by Jane Sullivan — July 1, 2009

  2. Yes talking about the ex is a big no no.. one of the main things is to listen though, talking about yourself too much and not listening is big turn off.

    Comment by jon paul — July 3, 2009

  3. Good things to do are: (i) Pay them a compliment about their appearance, clothes or personality (ii) If they are wearing something interesting ask them where they got it (iii) Ask them if they have any holidays planned. Keep it fun and playful.

    Comment by George Pirintzi — August 27, 2011

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