Top 10 Ways To Keep That Relationship Interesting

Ever wondered how to keep your relationship interesting? Heres the top 10 Ways to keep that relationship strong and healthy.

Keep that relationship interesting

Keep that relationship interesting

No.1 – Set Future Goals

Sit down with your partner and decide where you want to be in the future – where you live, house, kids, jobs, etc. Decide what areas need improving and then discuss how to accomplish those goals. You can go even further, why not set new goals for your health, comfort and happiness too. Work as a team and have fun along the way.

No.2 – Introduce Another

There is nothing that will bring a couple closer together than having something to care for. This shouldn’t be a patch to solve an unhappy relationship so if you’re not quite ready to have children, then think about bringing in a dog, a cat or even a goldfish into the mix.

No.3 – Discover new things

To add some interest and add that ‘new’ element to both your lives. Take a massage class, do yoga with each other or take dancing lessons. Learning something new together and this will help keep your bond alive for the years ahead.

No.4 – Try Out New Things In Bedroom

If you’ve been with someone for a long time, it can get a bit monotonous in the bedroom. There is always something that you haven’t tried so bring in some sex toys; bring on the whips and chains; or pour some candle wax. They may not sound appealing to you, but give them a try. At the very least, you’ll have shared something new and had some fun.

No.5 – Give Presents

Giving a present to someone not only lets them know you love them, but also tells them you’ve been thinking of them. You don’t need to spend lots of money, it just has to be something from the heart. Even if they tell you that it’s unnecessary it’s a great way to keep a long-term relationship interesting.

No.6 – Romantic Dates

I know you are dating already but we don’t mean taking her to your usual restaurant. Instead, do a bit of research and go somewhere else.  Why not be romantic, open the door for her, order wine and dessert and if it feels right hold her hand. Make it a monthly or bi-monthly event depending on your schedules.

No.7 – Invite Friends

One mistake that couples make is to spend every second with just each other. By inviting friends over you’ll  have an opportunity to be around each other without being attached to one another. Depending on your friends you can double date,  go out with different friends or invite friends over.

No.8 – Discover New Places

Another mistake that couples make is to go to the same restaurants and places retreading the same old ground . By going to a new city, a new beach or a new hotel, you’ll be opening up a wide range of new activities and conversations. Why not take it in turns to find new places to explore and have some fun on the way.

No.9 – Surprise Calls

Every once in a while call her at work and take her out for lunch or just stop by to say hello. The same as giving her a present it’s a reminder to her that you were thinking of her and wanted to see her.

No.10 – A little Time Apart

Having time apart can be hard because when you love someone you can feel like spending every second with each other but it’s important to have some space. Being apart not only gives you some freedom, but it will also make both of you appreciate one another. Why not visit a friend or family for the night or a weekend away to catch up properly.

Is there anything we have missed?

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