What not to say on a date!

If you ever want to go out with him or her again, you’ll definitely want to avoid these ones!

What not to say on a date!

What not to say on a date!

‘Can’t meet there I’m not allowed within 3 miles of my ex’
‘You don’t want to know how many i have slept with’
‘I hate it when you go out on a date and then they never call’
‘I’ve got this weird rash but it’s nothing serious’
‘My last boyfriend had a HUGE penis’
‘I usually get paid for this’
‘I Googled you before I came – is your middle name really jeffrey?’
‘My psychic told me we’d get married’
‘I’m so excited, I haven’t been on a date in five years’
‘I plucked my chin hair especially for tonight’

Do you know of any other ones to avoid?

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  1. ha ha..one of the worst i heard was ‘WOW… do you see that girl? She’s well HOT!’ yikes…didn’t see him again after that the pig.

    Comment by diana — July 3, 2009

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    Comment by Christian Louboutin Shoes — May 30, 2010

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